A Bit About Me...

I'm a cigar lover. I'm an artist. I am...the CIGARtist.




I've been creating art, in some form, for as long as I can remember. For the past 15 years,I have worked mainly in acrylic on canvas and custom travel humidors. and am in inspired by many artists and styles including Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Marc Chagall to name a few. I enjoy texture, movement and bright colors in art. My work is emotional and colorful. I began smoking cigars around 1999. The cigar is a work of art in itself. Artisans carefully and artfully creating each one by hand... Inspecting the construction, the colors, the textures, the aromas...it's nothing if not inspiring. Then there is the social experience of celebrating a cigar. This is something I experience even in the absence of others, it is a time of reflection and consideration. Inevitably, my passion for cigars and my passion for art collided and the cigar experience found it's way to the canvas. Over the years,I have displayed in juried and non-juried shows, art festivals and regularly participate in events at cigar shops and lounges in addition to appearing in various print and online cigar publications including Cigar Press, Tobacconist and CQ.


I have been focusing my art on cigars for several years now. I have become known as the CIGARtist, a title I wear proudly, as word spread about my unique style and niche. In 2013, I attended the IPCPR in Las Vegas and immediately fell in love with the industry, the extended cigar family. I spend many hours in my studio painting cigar related pieces and online promoting my work in an attempt to become THE art guy in the cigar industry! In addition to Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, lounge owners and brand representatives, I have been honored to have done work for several cigar industry notables including Nick Perdomo, Rocky Patel, Jorge Padron, Fred Rewey of Nomad Cigars, Sam Leccia of Leccia Tobacco, Jon Huber of Crowned Heads, Scott de la Pena of Hermosa, Gary Griffith (formerly of House of Emilio), George Rodriguez of Rodrigo, Emille Mustafa and Azarias Mutafa Cordoba of Cordoba & Morales Cigars, Jenneff Cigars, Jas Sum Kral Cigars and Delicia, Cigar Vixen. Additionally my art has made an appearance in the film "AFTER" (good flick..check it out. Just don't blink or you might miss my stuff!). 

My goal is to share my passion with fellow cigar enthusiasts everywhere. Dig.

I created this site (with great difficulty!) to share my passions with others who celebrate the cigar experience. All works displayed are available for purchase. I offer original acrylic on canvas paintings as well as signed digital prints on high quality acid-free paper and custom painted travel humidors. Commission requests are also always welcome!  My art makes a unique addition to any space and is sure to attract attention. Perfect for the walls of the enthusiast at home, in the office, at shops and lounges or you man/woman cave!


So, kick back, light up a good smoke and browse the gallery. Tell your friends. BUY your piece and proudly display your art from THE premiere cigar artist...the CIGARtist!



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